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Nduom to Quit CPP ? PDF Print E-mail
Source: the-chronicle   
Tuesday, 20 December 2011 22:13

Information gathered by The Chronicle indicates that the 2008 presidential candidate of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP), Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom, who has been at the centre of controversies in the party, is girding up to announce his resignation from the party to form his own.

Nduom took the back stage on activities concerning the CPP, after he came under blistering attack by some executives of the party, who accused him of hijacking the party, and subverting the authority of the newly-elected executives.

Now, he is rallying his supporters for what he terms as a "new strong third force" for the upcoming general elections, with himself as leader.

Additionally, he is encouraging those who want to go to parliament in 2013, and are prepared to work and make sacrifice, to step forward. He has also invited those who want to join his campaign for president in 2013, to organise themselves and join his presidential train, a member of his communications team has said.

A few weeks ago, the Youth for Nduom 2012, argued that the failure of 98 percent of the electorate to vote for the CPP in the last three elections, was indicative of the fact that a lot of work needs to be done outside the CPP.

They further conveyed Dr. Nduom's intention to focus his attention on organising potential campaign supporters and volunteers outside of the CPP, who would help attract floating voters and the youth.

In furtherance of this agenda, it looks more likely that Dr. Nduom would part ways with an already limping cockerel.

According to the head of Dr. Ndoum's Communications team, Mr. Richmond Keelson, several messages of support had been received from independent-minded people, who are yearning for a real alternative to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

"They often cite the problems encountered in the CPP, PNC, GCPP and DFP, and want an alternative movement that is independent of the NDC and the NPP, to rise and occupy the vacuum being created in the Ghanaian political landscape.

"Their call is the need for a Third Force, that is united, independent, and a progressive movement for Ghana. They see Dr. Nduom as the leader who can lead such a new progressive political force... Specifically, Dr. Nduom is saying a big yes to the entire well-wishers and supporters who have been calling on him to move now and not wait." he said.

According Keelson, Dr. Nduom holds the view that one does not need to have an affiliated seat in parliament to become president, since the country is governed by a presidential system, and not a parliamentary one.

"It is the President who makes or doesn't make things happen," he argued.

In all these, one thing is clear, Dr. Nduom will run as a presidential candidate in the upcoming general elections, with or without the CPP.














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